Did you know that if you do not waterproof your basement before you finish the concrete staining or painting that you will be in trouble? Most people think that waterproofing only happens after painting and staining. That is not true. Waterproofing can be done while you are finishing a basement project.

Waterproof Your Basement Before You Finish


If you want a clean and dry basement, then waterproofing should take place during the planning stages of the project. It doesn’t matter if you are doing the basement yourself or having someone else finish it for you. The only difference is that the process will be a little longer and more expensive.

Most basement waterproofing projects are started by applying concrete staining or painting to the outside of the concrete basement walls. Once that is finished, the next step is to apply exterior waterproofing products like paint or sealants to the interior of the concrete walls. These are not very effective if they are just used as a beginning stage of the project.

Waterproofing the interior of the concrete is easier than the exterior because this area is actually smaller. You do not have as many seams where water can accumulate. You also have to be careful about getting the first couple of coats on the interior of the concrete too wet. A little water will not hurt anything but getting water on the interior surfaces will make it much harder to seal the concrete properly.

After the first couple of coats of waterproofing products, you will then move on to staining the rest of the concrete. There are two options available to you here. You can use a stain and leave the stains in place, or you can use either a stencil or a roller or brush and move the stain around while it dries so that you can smooth out any bumps in the staining. Stencils work better for areas that you are planning to keep relatively clean because a roller or brush will likely get all the dirt and dust on the staining.

To complete your basement waterproofing project, the exterior walls need to be sealed and the inside dampened. This usually requires the services of a professional waterproofing company. You can complete your basement waterproofing project yourself, but this will take a lot more time and effort. If you want to get your basement finished sooner, hire a professional waterproofing company to get the job done right.

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