Having a shower can improve your home experience. Everybody will be comfortably reaping the benefits of the shower. But to make sure that the showering experience is not tarnished, you will need to pay attention to the maintenance.

The leaking shower valve is one of the most common problems that you might experience. The thing is that not all homeowners realize this problem and the underlying causes of it. When it is left untreated, the leaking shower valve can affect the walls and plumbing fixtures.

Shower leaks behind the wall can do internal damage if you don’t do preventative measures at first.

Shower Leak

The signs that you should notice

  • The shower leaks are not easy to notice if you have an unusual house building. It is important to be meticulous in inspecting the possible problem that happens behind your wall.
  • The basement is prone to shower leaks. And it should be easy to track. You can easily see the signs of shower leaks in your basement. The water movement is the key to track the problems.
  • The other noticeable sign is the water stains. You might notice the dried water stains on the ceiling below the shower fixture.
  • And when someone uses your shower system, you will be able to see the dripping of the water if the shower leaks.
  • The shower valve leaks behind the wall are not quick and noticeable at a glance because the stream is very slow. Therefore, meticulous inspection is necessary to make sure that you explore all of the possibilities.
  • The sign of shower leak behind the wall is drywall or the parts in the valve become spongy. It is the result of the accumulation of leak that happens in the back of the wall.

Locate the leaking

It is tricky to troubleshoot the leaks that happen behind the wall. Most of the time, you cannot really tell if the shower leaks or not because you can only see the front side of your shower.

But don’t worry. You can handle this problem. You can simply remove the shower plate to see if you have the chance to inspect the connections of the valve. If you can, then it is great. but if the case enforces you to break the wall behind the valve, you might want to get help from your professional inspector for this task.

It is good news if the past builders installed an access panel in the wall. If there is an access panel, you can easily inspect and repair the water pipes by yourself. But if there is no access panel, the inspection will be harder to conduct. In this case, calling the professionals will help you a lot in solving the problems.

When you notice the leaking shower valve, fixing it to stop the shower leaks behind the wall can be a bit trickier.

But here is a good thing. Most brands on the market come with a similar design so that it would be easy to install and fix the valve.

If the valve is leaking from the stem, then you need to turn off the water and replace the cartridge. But if the leak happens in the valve body, you will need to cut it out and have it replaced. Consider to search out your professionals to help you handle this problem.

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