Month: June 2020


Whether you are going to get the old houses for investments or maintaining your grandparent old houses, you may notice some of the problems including plumbing issues.

In old houses, plumbing problems are common challenges. It is hard to notice hidden leaks until it is too late. Usually, you might see it through your water billing which is more expensive than the previous billing or noticing the property damages, or other signs like walls stains, odors, dirt, and leaks.


Hiring experts for a plumbing inspection to help you to find out the real root problems.


The professional plumbing inspections will help you to cover all of the bases. The plumbing things will be checked by them from the pipes under your house, to the water heating testing to find out the sources of leaking.

The professional plumbing inspector will explore and check all of the points where the water runs in your house. Keep in mind that you can only hire the professional plumbing inspector for preventative measures. It won’t be a good point to invite them when the problems already happen. If that’s the case, the ones you should call are the professional plumbers to fix your plumbing system.

The cost of cleaning up water damage can be around a thousand bucks to five thousand bucks, depending on the size of the problems.


Here are the possible things that are found by your professional plumbing inspector:



It is one of the most common problems you will find during the inspection. Clogging can be because of the soap scum, gunk, or sewage. The older house has decades of experience.

Pipe belly

The other thing to check is the pipe belly formation. After settling for years, it is possible that your older pipes become buckled. This could explain why it is not good at directing the water from the sewer line. 

Sewer lines problem

The sewer lines in the old building can have a problem in their part because of the tree root intrusion. It can cause the sewage to back up. The inspector will be able to find the root problem of this.

Metal corrosion

In older buildings, it is possible that the pipe’s qualities have been affected. It is because the zinc which coats the pipes can erode as time goes by. The coat could expose the iron to the water. You know what will happen when the iron contacts with the water for a long time. It can eventually rust and affect plumbing quality.

Why should you inspect the older house plumbing?


There is a good reason why house plumbing inspection is necessary when it comes to the older house.  

If you think about the long term investment, the inspection is necessary to make sure that you are buying a good property. Not to mention that the inspection is one of the most important terms of selling or buying a house.

You might notice if the water pressure decreases. The water flow restrictions are the sign of a plumbing problem. Preventing it from worsening can save you a lot of time and money to spend in the future.